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About tummy tuck surgery to tigethen the muscles of the abdomen.

Patients choose to have a tummy tuck for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have worked hard to lose a lot of weight, but cannot truly enjoy your new body because of the burden of excess skin. A tummy tuck is a major procedure and not an alternative to weight loss, but it can remove excess skin and tighten the underlying tissues to give you the smooth, toned mid-section you've always wanted or once had. Some "soft" abdomens are genetic and no amount of diet or exercise is going to change that. Other issues come from age-related loss of skin elasticity, leaving a saggy appearance that can make you feel self-conscious, even shy away from social situations.

The tummy tuck incision generally follows the bikini line so any tell-tale sign can be discretely hidden by clothing, leaving your taut tummy on primary display. Sutures are used to strengthen or repair the abdominal wall of muscles, excess skin is removed and then the skin is pulled down to meet the bikini incision. Some procedures may require the belly button to be repositioned to achieve proper proportion.

A tummy tuck can take 3-4 hours and patients can expect a few weeks of recovery and follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process.

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